Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

When we thought we had seen it all, Islamic prayer, the muezzin and Allahu Akbar arrived in Westminster. “London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together,” said Imam Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi.

Two weeks ago, imams prayed at the Parliament in Brussels.

Old story, the boiled frog theory. If the lukewarm water suddenly burns, the frog will jump out of the pot, but if the temperature is raised little by little in an imperceptible way, it will even be pleasant and when the frog realizes that it is too hot, it will be too late.

And for us it is late, very late indeed. “Late for what?”, replies the Collective Idiot. It seems that for millions of Westerners, the fact that they can buy a croissant at the bar, subscribe to Netflix and book three holidays a year means that everything is fine and that their freedoms are intact.

While Islamic terrorists spread terror in Paris by killing 129 people, in Bedford, near London, during a debate there was open discussion of "establishing the Islamic State in Great Britain" and subjecting the country to Sharia law.

Islamists think big and they're getting there.

They started with televisions.

It was 2013, it seems like a century ago. Channel 4 - the English public television - announced that it would interrupt broadcasts every day for 30 days to broadcast the imam's call to prayer. On the first day of Ramadan alone, Channel 4 stopped broadcasting four times to remind viewers it was time for prayer.

A few weeks ago they prayed in front of Downing Street, home of the prime minister. Now London, says the government, is dangerous for Jews on Hamas holiday weekends.

London is increasingly an Islamic city. Englandistan!

Some of England's most prominent figures have been open to the introduction of sharia. The Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, said English law should "incorporate" elements of Islamic law.

The British establishment is rapidly surrendering to the Islamic fundamentalists, accepting their demands.

Many areas of London have a Muslim population of between 20 and 46 percent.

They have the numbers and the strength to project Hamas slogans onto Big Ben. And they have legions of useful idiots at their side.

Practically every day in London there are prayers on the lawns of Westminster. And no one says anything: politics, police, media.

But it's not just demographics.

A ranking of London properties puts Qatar even ahead of the Royal Household and the City of London. Today Qatar has more property in London than King Charles III.

If Iraqi Cardinal Louis Sako, leader of the Chaldeans, speaks this week of "forced Islamization" of what remains of Iraqi Christians, the West seems to want it.

The Archbishop of Canterbury presides over a Church fixated on “non-binary priests”, the “gender-neutral God” and slavery, for which he has just announced a billion pounds of “reparations”. His predecessor, Rowan Williams, said he was in favor of Sharia.

I would like to be optimistic about the outcome of this unprecedented experiment in European history, but I can't be. I see a great green tide, like the high wave of a tsunami, which is preparing to submerge all European countries: first the large cities which are already falling one after the other, then the medium-sized ones and then everything else.

Europe is ending in plain sight and many don't seem to care.