Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

Every day new images emerge of the largest massacre of civilians in Israel's history.

A Yale academic called the Israeli victims of Hamas “settlers”. At Stanford University, there are slogans in defense of Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel. “By any means necessary.” says a pro-Hamas poster at the University of Manchester, England. At Birkbeck University there are also academics who justify the massacres of 1,200 Israelis. A letter signed by 31 Harvard University student groups blames Israel as "entirely responsible" for the Hamas attacks. Appeals to Hamas's "war of liberation" are also at Columbia University in New York.

A Cornell University official of "diversity and inclusion" has dismissed the massacre of Israeli civilians as "resistance.”

At the Orientale in Naples, Palestinian drapes.“Intifada for the revolution” at the Sapienza University of Rome. At the University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas, a professor wrote to students: "If you arrive late again, I will make you like at the rave" (where 260 Israelis were killed) and "it will take missiles and Kalashnikovs to wake you up”.

Black Lives Matter sides with Hamas and its paratroopers who massacred at the rave.

But in my opinion there is an even bigger scandal.

The University of Siena, in Italy, is the first in the world to have sent students to the Islamic University of Gaza. A Sienese delegation also visited the University of Gaza and made a propaganda documentary.

Except that the University of Gaza is not like all the others.

Created by the founder of Hamas, Sheikh Yassin, the university is part of the Hamas war machine. This is why Israel hit the university today. Subhi Al Yaziji, dean of Koranic Studies at the University of Gaza, said on TV that "synagogues and schools" in Israel are targets, that "even Jewish children are fighters". In the same days in which the first student left Siena for Gaza, a professor from that university on al Aqsa TV (the Hamas broadcaster) said that all of Israel is "a battlefield."

After October 7, which Netanyahu compared to the great massacre of 1941 in Babyn Yar, it is it is not only legitimate, but necessary, to ask why Western universities were able to establish ties and exchanges with fake academic institutions used by a monstrous organization that pursues the destruction of Israel and has just massacred 1,200 civilians, including dozens of children, guilty only of being Jews.

“In this troubled hour, the civilized world seems weary of its own civilization,” wrote Saul Bellow. “It doesn't want to hear about survival anymore. In their concern for the decay of civilization and in their pride (pride and concern in equal measure), the Israelis have something to teach the world."

How low can the West descend into the decadence of its civilization? The Western academia has rapidly moved from the boycott of Israel to justifying the beheading of Jewish babies.