Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

Bataclan, Paris, 2015: in the ballroom which takes its name from the operetta Ba-ta-clan by Jacques Offenbach, 90 French infidels are slaughtered by an ISIS commando.

Manchester Arena, England, 2017: at an Ariana Grande concert, a boy named Salman Abedi blows himself up, taking 22 English infidels with him.

Nova Festival, Israel, 2023: 364 Israeli infidels are torn to pieces by Palestinian Arabs from Gaza.

Crocus City Hall, Moscow, 2024: 143 Russian infidels are murdered by an ISIS cell.

They know why they do it. They have a prophet and his god on their side and they invoke it in battle against Western divinization of the serene, peaceful and secular life, and they make no difference between the Twin Towers, the buses of Beersheba, the heads of Jews and Christians and atheists, the discoteque of Bali, the station of Madrid, the first day of school in a village in Ossetia.

We Westerners, on the other hand, go on our post-colonial safari, take photos and broadcast live broadcasts. Is it better to communicate together to the Islamic terrorists that they will not prevail or to obtain a statement from the friends of Hamas in the save-who-can strategy? Do they spare me more if I close schools for Ramadan in Milan or if I wear a burkini in Marseille? We continue to ruminate politically correct poisonous weeds.

But all attempts at explanations that do not start from Sharia are futile.

Because whether you're a conservative Baptist from Mississippi or a gay peacenik from Amsterdam, a slightly beaten up hippie who loves everyone from London or the right-wing Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi (murdered by terrorists as he left his hotel room) or a Russian citizen from Krasnogorsk, they tear you to pieces with the same enthusiasm.

After September 11, only one record has been broadcast in Europe: “Behead us and our leaders will go to the nearest mosque to say that Islam is a 'religion of peace'”. Continue to kill gays and mutilate female genitals, and the rainbow groups will march with you against Israel and the West.

We “podemos”, they “pasaràn”.