Romney Lost But Obama Shouldn't Have Won

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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I hate to say it, but Romney was a disappointment last night at the last USA presidential debate.  I would have been interested in hearing about China and how it makes forgeries of American goods and gets away with it, but only if I was at a trade convention.  Then I would have cheered him on. But this last of three debates was his opportunity to prove to the American people - and the world, why he'd make a better president than Barack Hussein Obama, and he didn't do it

The debate was supposed to be on foreign policy.  Then why didn't Romney talk about the dismal state of America's image in the eastern hemisphere of the world today?  He should have said, "Mr. President, how can you say America's image is strengthened since you've been in office, applying your foreign policy, when in these last 4 years, American embassies are being burned down all over the Middle East and  American embassy staff are being murdered? American flags are being stomped on and burned in public squares, massive crowds in the street chant "Death to America!" and calls to get the 'Big Satan' (America) are routinely called for on Arab TV, by influential leaders.  American & Western reporters are being savagely sexually molested by western-hating mobs in countries that are (supposed to be) post Arab Spring 'enlightened'."

Why didn't Romney challenge the president on the audacity of the terrorists to go into the American embassy compound with RPGs and then kill (and possibly rape) Ambassador Christopher Stevens? Why didn't he challenge the president on the lies coming out of the White House to the American people about the latest Muslim rage because of a very badly made movie about Mohammed? Romney should have stressed that if that is how Obama thinks the Muslims think, then Obama's whole foreign policy is utterly flawed.  And if Obama doesn't think that, and knows that this was a planned terror attack planned to take place on 9/11, then he is a liar to the American people. Why didn't Romney reiterate Obama's track record of the cover-ups of terror attacks on the American people, like the Fort Hood massacre, where he claimed it was done by a lone gunman, and that he was not connected to a terrorist group?
And what does it mean to the American people that Iran is now 4 years closer to having nukes?  Romney should have explained the danger Obama has put all Americans and American interests in, by letting Iran grow emboldened and more powerful and ever so closer to bringing the world to Armageddon. 
Instead, after letting Obama roll off his tongue his supposed achievements, Romney seemed to answer by 'apologizing' for calling Obama's Cairo speech an 'Apology Tour'.  
Why didn't Romney challenge Obama when he said that he went to Israel during his 'candidacy' in support of Israel, when his trip was more of a 'wham bam, thank you Ma'am' desecration of G-d's name? I still remember that visit and how appalled many of us Israleis were when he symbolicly de-virginized the Holy Western Wall plaza with his narcissist election propaganda plastered on it!  Disgrace!  (see a still photo HERE)  

Why did he let Obama get away with all of this?

Romney should have spent his valuable time during the debate stressing Obama's failures.  He should have rolled off more stats showing unemployment, dependents on food stamps, the misery of many American families today, and stressed that the national debt has gotten worse under Obama's last 4 years. The 'broken record' method could have been utilized well here.
The debate was supposed to be on foreign policy, but if Romney wanted to keep pulling towards his business strength, then he should have milked it and mentioned these stats showing Obama's failures -over and over.  People are saying that America's debt could never even pay for Obamacare to work.  Broken record would have been good there as well. 
Surely, there are enough failures of Obama's foreign policy that he could have exposed and made a killing of them.  Instead, Romney showed his own flaws believing that ousting Mubarak from Egypt was a positive thing, just done a bit too early.  Romney showed that he thinks that by helping Islamic populations with America propping them up, that it will make them love the 'American Way' and want democracy, or even want to embrace a western value system. Mr. Romney, you can't 'buy' Muslims.  You might be able to 'rent' them for a while like the CIA did with Bin Laden, but ultimately, they can't be bought with American goodwill -or money. Romney doesn't seem to understand this.
Sadly, I have to say, that Obama won this one.  And he shouldn't have.