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London (archive)Nati Shohat/FLASH90

A British man has been found guilty of committing a series of antisemitic attacks on three Jewish people in London in August, BBC News reported.

Abdullah Qureshi, 30, will face a sentencing hearing in December.

The court heard in late August how Qureshi travelled 180 miles from his home to north London to attack Jews on their way to synagogue.

He was charged with religiously aggravated assault and two counts of religiously aggravated common assault after he allegedly “travelled from Yorkshire to attack Jews in Stamford Hill,” the UK Jewish News reported.

Qureshi was arrested after three separate attacks in the heavily Jewish Stamford Hill area occurred on August 18, 2021 against two Jewish men and a 14-year old boy as they were walking to a synagogue, the court was told.

One of the victims, a 64-year old man, was knocked out. The other man was hit on the head with a plastic bottle.

Police said that Qureshi, who is from West Yorkshire, targeted victims who were dressed in traditional religious clothing in Stamford Hill.

During the trial, the defendant claimed that it was coincidental that all of his victims were visibly Jewish and that he attacked them after being “angrier and anger” due to an argument in a store.

The prosecution argued that Qureshi, whose phone contained an Islamic protection prayer, hated Jews who he considered “evil” and his “enemy.”

“The three complainants not only were Orthodox Jews but were clearly identifiable as such,” District Judge John Law said. “I am drawn to the inescapable conclusion that their selection by this defendant was not a coincidence.”

Qureshi was convicted of two counts of inflicting religiously aggravated grievous bodily harm and two counts of religiously aggravated assault by beating, according to the BBC.