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London (archive) Nati Shohat/FLASH90

A man accused of travelling 180 miles to north London to attack Jews on their way to synagogue was in court this week.

Abdullah Qureshi, 29, was charged with religiously aggravated assault and two counts of religiously aggravated common assault after he allegedly “travelled from Yorkshire to attack Jews in Stamford Hill,” the UK Jewish News reported.

Qureshi was arrested after three separate attacks in the Stamford Hill area occurred on August 18, 2021 against two Jewish men and a boy as they were walking to a synagogue, the court was told.

Police said that Qureshi, who is from West Yorkshire, targeted victims who were dressed in traditional religious clothing in the heavily Jewish Stamford Hill area.

One of the victims said he was on the phone when Qureshi allegedly used a water bottle to hit him in the head “because he was Jewish.”

The third victim, Jacob Lipschitz, testified that he was punched and knocked out on the way to synagogue. The attack left him unable to “function normally,” the court heard.

The defendant is also accused of slapping a boy on his way to a Jewish school.

Qureshi admitted to attacking the two men but denied he specifically chose “members of the Jewish community.”

“[Qureshi] went there deliberately and targeted members of the Jewish community, and carried out deliberate, unprovoked, religiously aggravated assaults on the three victims, who were wearing traditional clothing,” prosecutor Varinder Hayre said. “Other people who were not wearing such clothing were not targeted.”