Fire in Begin Park
Fire in Begin Park Fire and Rescue Services of Judea and Samaria

On Friday night, a fire broke out in the Begin Park, between the city of Beitar Illit and the town of Tzur Hadassah.

The fire spread over an area of 40 dunam (9.89 acres) and included several separate blazes between Ein Koby and the Arab village of Battir.

Firefighters worked until the early hours of Saturday morning to extinguish the blaze. Efforts to extinguish the smaller fires in the park continued on Saturday, with firefighters completing their task only in the evening.

Parallel to the Begin Park fire, firefighters from the Judea regional fire station worked to extinguish a fire near Kfar Etzion, in the Ukaf Hamukhtar thicket. Firefighters arriving at the scene reported that the fire was advancing towards the thicket, and worked to stop the flames from reaching it.

In both locations, it seems that the fire was set intentionally, and an investigation is underway.