Scene of Pittsburgh shooting
Scene of Pittsburgh shootingAlexi Rosenfeld

Former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette executive editor David Shribman talks on the anniversary of the mass shooting at The Tree of Life synagogue.

"I believe the feeling is that this is a feeling of sadness, of regret and remorse but also of resolve, that this event which defined this community in some ways gives an opportunity for the community to define itself as a place of tolerance, a place of understanding and a place of unity. And that's what it was until Saturday morning - that Saturday morning around 11. And that's what it wants to be again today."

Shribman talks also about the community,ד feelings about the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton this summer.

"It just seems a little bit like a very sad, tragic deja vu. One of the things that I might have said and has been said by others is we used to think, never again. And now we were thinking, yet again. We had all these vigils in Pittsburgh and candlelights this and services that. And yet there was Dayton and Texas. So we also have to wonder what good all that does."

"It leads us to the notion that we need to remember each day, that each day has its own value, that we don't know what comes next. We don't know what tragedy is within our sight. But we know a choice we can have every day. And as I talk now, I'm looking out the window. And there just was a little leaf that fell right by. And you want to recognize and acknowledge all those things."