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Gaza Movement: Flotilla On

Free Gaza Movement welcomes UN's call to Israel to end its blockade on Gaza, but rejects calls to stop flotillas from setting sail.

Free Gaza Movement Response to UN: Flotilla On As Planned

Asian Sea-Land Convoy at Gaza

An Israeli chopper and navy ships followed an Asian ship until it passed the Gaza coast. It docked in Egypt which barred Iranians from Gaza.

Egypt Bars Iranians as Asian Convoy Reaches Gaza by Land

Navy Tracks Syrian Ship

The Navy is monitoring activities of a Syrian ship scheduled to carry activists and aid to Gaza via an overland route from an Egyptian port.

Navy Monitoring Syrian Ship with Activists and Aid for Gaza

Gaza Activists Accused of Hijack

Greek workers accused of kidnapping foreigners heading for Gaza say activists tried to hijack his ship, then “put on a show” of being in danger.

Greek Captain: Flotilla 'Activists' Attempted to Hijack My Ship

Pro-Gaza Americans to Send Plane

Activists in the U.S. hope to break through to Hamas-run Gaza on a “humanitarian” airplane.

After the Flotilla, Pro-Gaza Americans to Send Airplane

New Flotilla to Challenge IDF

A new flotilla of ships is set to sail to Gaza in defiance of an IDF naval blockade in September, will include ships from Morocco, Qatar.

New Flotilla to Challenge IDF Off Gaza Coast

Demand: Probe US Funds for Gaza

The human rights group Shurat Hadin has asked US authorities to look into Gaza-bound activists' American backers.

US Asked to Look into American Backers of Gaza Flotilla

9/11 Mosque Sponsor Unmasked

The Muslim cleric behind the proposed giant mosque near Ground Zero is none other than a major donor to the pro-Hamas Free Gaza movement.

Ground Zero Mosque Sponsor Unmasked as Free Gaza Donor

3 were Kidnapped on Gaza Ship

An initial report shows that three IDF soldiers were briefly kidnapped as commandos seized control of flotilla ship Mavi Marmara.

Report: 3 Soldiers Kidnapped Briefly in Ship Takeover

Flotilla Sheikh Lauded in Israel

Sheikh Raed Salah gets hero's welcome after trip on Gaza flotilla. Salah claims assassination conspiracy. MK's protest release..

Flotilla Sheikh gets Hero's Welcome in Umm el-Fahm

Intl. Response to Gaza Clash

Greece, Turkey and Spain summon Israeli ambassadors over Gaza flotilla incident, EU demands explanations.

International Response to Gaza Boats Clash

Israel Ready for Gaza Boats

Israel will detain and deport activists who are on Gaza flotilla; aid to be trucked in. Terrorists spoke at sendoff rally in Turkey.

Israel Prepares to Detain, Deport Gaza Flotilla Activists

The Plan: Confrontation at Sea

While the government wonders how to handle “Free Gaza” ships, grassroots activists are planning to sail out and confront them.

Israelis to Confront Pro-Gaza Activists at Sea

Turk Suspect a Hebrew U Student

Israeli security officials have arrested a Turkish student at Hebrew U who is the founder of an outlawed group that backs a huge flotilla to Gaza.

Turk Student at Hebrew U Arrested for Aiding Banned Arab Group

Preparing Anti-Israel Flotilla

Turkish aid is instrumental in helping Hamas clean and prepare the Gaza port, in preparation for the anti-Israel protest flotilla later this month.

Turks Help Hamas Welcome Anti-Israel Ships

Turkey Challenges Israel at Sea

Turkey snubs Israel, makes gesture to Hamas, with flotilla of “siege-breaking” ships.

Turkey to Challenge Israel, Support Hamas

Navy Boards ‘Free Gaza’ Boat

Naval boats have intercepted and took control of a boat of pro-Arab activists who intended to break Israeli sovereignty over coastal waters.

McKinney: Israel Should 'Call off its Dogs'

Pro-Arab Boat Hauling Cement

A pro-Arab group, including a former Congresswoman, is hauling 15 tons of cement to Gaza. The government asks, “Why don’t they help other people?”

‘Free Gaza’ Returning with 15 Tons of Cement