IDF forces at the scene of the shooting attack
IDF forces at the scene of the shooting attackIDF spokesperson

The IDF has cordoned off the city of Hebron and every area in the Judea Brigade following a shooting attack on Route 60 which left a woman dead and a man in serious condition.

Initial investigations reveal that the IDF soldiers who were stationed at a nearby checkpoint heard the gunshots but did not see what was happening, and therefore did not respond.

Sources in the IDF have said that the main effort during the first stage will be defensive, so as not to allow the cell of terrorists to carry out another terror attack.

According to the IDF, there were over 20 bullets in the victims' vehicle, which led to the death of Batsheva Nigri and the severe injury of the vehicle's driver.

The army also said that as of now, there are 23 battalions on the ground, and after the defensive effort the forces are working to locate both the cell of terrorists which carried out the Monday attack, and the terrorists responsible for the Saturday shooting in Huwara.

The IDF said that the soldiers stationed near the scene of the Monday terror attack did not see the attack, and only heard the gunfire. Therefore, they did not fire towards the terrorists' vehicle. At this point, the IDF forces are continuing to pursue the terrorists, and are leaving the Hebron district outside of the terror activities. There is importance in capturing the terrorists as quickly as possible, so as not to allow other terrorists to carry out attacks.