The Border Police published on Tuesday evening special footage of the operation overnight that resulted in the capture of the two terrorists who murdered Batsheva Nigri in yesterday's attack near Hebron.

The suspects were arrested without resistance and transferred to the ISA for further investigation. The weapon they used was seized along with them and it is suspected that the burned vehicle found in the town of Halhul was used by them in the attack.

The Commander of the Border Police, Barik Yitzchak, commented on the operation and said: "Every terrorist knows - we will get to anyone who harms the citizens of the State of Israel. The quick closing of the circle after the attack is a product of the excellent cooperation of the security forces.

"The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces carried out an important activity tonight to maintain the security of Israel. The officers of the Border Police will continue to be the protective wall of the people of Israel."

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant commented this morning on the arrest of the suspects, "The terrorists who brutally murdered the late Batsheva Nigri will languish in prison for the rest of their lives. We will take all measures to strengthen security. We will pursue and capture our enemies."

He then announced that he had instructed the coordinator of government operations in the territories, Major General Rasan Aliyan, to deny and cancel entry permits to Israel from their family members.