A group of Jewish boys was chased by attackers firing a taser gun and shouting “Run Jews! Get out of here!” in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, according to the Shmira Jewish public safety group.

The incident took place on Ave J and East 16 St., near the Flatbush Yeshiva and Touro College’s Lander College of Arts and Sciences.

Shmira shared surveillance camera footage from the scene on Twitter. The footage shows a group of Jewish boys running down the street as a group of assailants runs after them shouting.

The antisemitic attack is under investigation by the New York Police Department’s 70th Precinct and the Flatbush Shmira chapter.

The New York Police Department recently reported that, in November, it dealt with 45 anti-Jewish incidents, which comprised 60% of all hate crimes during the month.

This is a 125% increase in antisemitic incidents in New York compared to the same month in 2021.

The incident in Flatbush comes days after a Jewish man was shot in the neck with a BB gun in the same neighborhood. That came after a similar assault against an Orthodox man and his seven-year-old son in Staten Island a day earlier.

The young man received a wound to his neck but was not seriously injured, according to Flatbush Scoop.

In September, a student was robbed in front of his yeshiva in Flatbush. Days earlier, a man pulled a gun on a group of Brooklyn yeshiva students, telling the boys to “go home.”