Palestinian Arab media reported that clashes broke out overnight Wednesday between IDF soldiers and Palestinian Arabs in the Jenin refugee camp.

Videos circulated on social media showed Palestinian Arab ambulances and gunshots could be heard.

According to the reports, the commander of the military branch of the Islamic Jihad in the city, Ayman al-Saadi, and one of his assistants, Naim al-Zubadi, were eliminated in a gunfight with the Israeli soldiers.

The Islamic Jihad threatened to retaliate and said, "We will remain like a fork stuck in your throat until you leave our land."

The official PA news agency Wafa reported that, in addition to the two deaths, several were injured and four were arrested.

On Wednesday, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the IDF conducted a joint operation in the Palestinian Arab village of Ya'bad, west of Jenin, in which they arrested terror suspect A'ani Harzallah.

Harzallah, a resident of Ya’bad, had been imprisoned twice in Israel and suspected of recent terrorist activity. During the arrest, the forces located an M-16 weapon, a vest and 50,000 shekels, which are suspected to be intended for terrorism.

During the operation, terrorists fired at the forces and explosives were thrown in the area. IDF soldiers fired at the suspects. The suspect and his weapon were handed over for further investigation by the security forces. There were no injuries among the Israeli forces.

On Sunday, Kan 11 News reported that a series of large bomb attacks by the Islamic Jihad was thwarted by the Palestinian Authority’s security forces in the Jenin area.

According to the report, a large and unusual number of explosive devices and explosives intended to be used to carry out a series of attacks against Israel was seized this past Thursday in a special operation by the PA security forces.

Two jihadists who planned this series of attacks were arrested during the operation, the forces seized five explosive devices, six pipe bomb and a large number of explosives. The equipment was seized in Islamic Jihad explosives laboratories located in the vicinity of ​​the cities of Jenin and Tubas.

The operation taking place in the Jenin area is significant, as the Palestinian Authority has shown difficulty in obtaining governance in the region in recent times.