Explosive device (archive)
Explosive device (archive)Israel Security Agency communications

A series of large bomb attacks by the Islamic Jihad was thwarted in the Jenin area, Kan 11 News reported on Sunday.

According to the report, a large and unusual number of explosive devices and explosives intended to be used to carry out a series of attacks against Israel was seized this past Thursday in a special operation by the Palestinian Arab security forces.

Two jihadists who planned this series of attacks were arrested during the operation, the forces seized five explosive devices, six pipe bomb and a large number of explosives. The equipment was seized in Islamic Jihad explosives laboratories located in the vicinity of ​​the cities of Jenin and Tubas.

The operation taking place in the Jenin area is significant, as the Palestinian Authority has shown difficulty in obtaining governance in the region in recent times.

The counterterrorism operation is intended, among other things, to signal the PA’s insistence on trying to restore order. It follows last week’s double bombing in Jerusalem in which two Israelis were killed. In addition, the body of Druze teen Tiran Fero was snatched in Jenin, after he was taken to a hospital in the city following a car accident.