HuwaraAsser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Police have arrested an IDF soldier from Samaria who was allegedly involved in an attack on IDF soldiers overnight on Wednesday in Huwara.

Immediately after the attack, the suspects entered their vehicle and attempted to escape police and military personnel, but after searching the area police found one of the suspects. The police expect to find and arrest the remaining suspects shortly.

Commander of the police's Judea and Samaria District Commissioner Uzi Levi instructed the transfer of the investigation into the incident to the nationalistic crimes department of the district, saying. "We will continue to work with determination and zero tolerance against those who were involved in the recent violent incidents and the attack on security forces and we will not let this pass until we lay our hands on all those involved and bring them to justice."

As previously reported, The commander of a battalion from the Paratroopers Brigade and his soldiers were attacked and injured by Jewish rioters in the Huwara area, south of Shechem (Nablus), during a violent disturbance that took place in the area on Wednesday night.

According to a statement from the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, a violent disturbance involving dozens of Jewish residents took place in the area, during which rocks were thrown at Palestinian Authority Arab vehicles. An IDF force, led by the commander of the 202nd Paratrooper Battalion "Viper," operated in the area in order to disperse the riot and was attacked with violence that included the spraying of gas by a number of Jews toward the commander and the soldiers.

As a result, the battalion commander and another soldier were injured.

The statement further said that the Jewish residents later sprayed gas at two additional soldiers at the Tapuah Junction.

"The IDF strongly condemns the violence used against the soldiers. Violence against the security forces is criminal behavior, which requires punishment. The harming of IDF soldiers by settlers, who are protected by them, is wrongful behavior that we must denounce and take vigorous action against," the IDF Spokesperson's Unit statement said.