Itamar Ben-Gvir
Itamar Ben-GvirYonatan Sindel/Flash90

At a ceremony held today (Monday) at the Ministry of National Security, Kobi Yaakobi was appointed as Commissioner of the Israel Prison Service (IPS). The police commissioner, Chief Superintendent Yaakov Shabtai, was absent from the ceremony, due to the discord between him and Minister Ben-Gvir.

During the ceremony, Minister Ben-Gvir addressed the absence. "Kobi, there's no such thing as not attending events.''

Earlier, people close to the Minister of National Security criticized the police commissioner: "There is no functioning police commissioner in the State of Israel. The peak was when the commissioner did not attend the event in Meron and the last meeting for it," said Ben-Gvir's associates. "Since the committee report, he has been walking off the job. The Minister arrived at Meron headquarters - if the commissioner is not there, with whom is he supposed to talk?" Ben-Gvir's associates added.

Minister Ben-Gvir congratulated Yaakobi and said: "This is important news for the people of Israel. An IPS commissioner who has been serving for 4 months has already begun to implement significant reforms and a great revolution in the prison service. Security prisons have stopped being resorts, crime family prisoners are deterred, there is law, order, and control in the State of Israel. Kobi Yaakobi takes on a role that is entirely about self-sacrifice for the people of Israel and fundamentally changing decades of lack of governance, not to say irresponsibility, in some of the prisons. His success is our success.''