The family of Avinatan Or, who is held hostage in Gaza, dedicated a Torah scroll in the town of Shiloh, in prayers for his rapid release from captivity.

Avinatan and his partner Noa Argamani were filmed being kidnapped to Gaza, with Noa riding on a motorcycle and Avinatan walking beside her, held by several terrorists.

Attending the ceremony were thousands of people, from Shiloh and other places around Israel.

The dedication began with a parade in the town of Shiloh. Rabbi Yehonadav Drori, the town's rabbi, held a "Selichot" prayer session, including chapters of Psalms and supplications for Avinatan's quick release.

Ditza Or, Avinatan's mother, thanked the attendees, saying, "I have no way to thank you - thank you so so much. With G-d's help we will gather again to give thanks, with eternal joy."