Moshe Or reported that his brother Avinatan and partner Noa were missing, then he found that a video of the two being taken to Gaza had been published

Moshe, whose brother Avinatan and partner, Noa Argamani, were at the party in Re'im, said that a video in which the two are recorded being kidnapped to Gaza was already posted this morning on the net.

The video shows Noa on a motorcycle with two terrorists driving it, and Avinatan is walking next to her, being held by several terrorists.

"We were worried and tried to call. His phone was unavailable and so was hers," said Moshe in an interview with Channel 12 News. "After a few hours, emergency teams contacted us and told us that they saw a video of my brother and his girlfriend Noa as they were kidnapped and taken towards the Gaza Strip."

Moshe, who approved the publication of the video in the media, said that he did not believe it until he saw the video himself. "I started looking for it in the various Telegram groups. It didn't take me long to find it. I saw Noa looking scared and frightened in the video. I can't imagine what's going through her mind – screaming in panic, when some scumbags are holding her and not letting her go."

"My brother who is a big guy, two meters, trains four times a week, a really strong guy. They held him maybe four or five of them, and just led them towards the Strip I guess."

"This is a shocking video," Moshe said. "I looked for him because I really wanted to make sure it was true and to clarify things a bit."

"There are dozens more missing and at the moment there is no government agency in the country, anyone official who is coordinating this, other than the 100 emergency number, who is doing anything. People are getting together in groups on Instagram and Telegram to share names, and you see very long lists. There are dozens if not hundreds of people who are missing."