Ditza Or and footage of her son's kidnapping
Ditza Or and footage of her son's kidnappingArutz Sheva and screenshot

Ditza Or, mother of Avinatan, who has been missing since Hamas' surprise attack on Israel on October 7, attended a meeting for parents of missing and kidnapped Israelis with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and later spoke to Israel National News - Arutz Sheva.

"What touched me most and was most important and significant is the unity and the cohesion between all of the partners in the meeting, between the parents. We have enormous differences between us, we came from different backgrounds and different worldviews, but the disaster that struck all of us unites us in a way that gives a lot of strength and hope," she said.

Regarding the integration between the IDF's operation in Gaza and the operation to rescue the hostages, Ditza told INN, "The IDF is very strong and also very sophisticated. The IDF has technological, aerial, ground, and other abilities. The IDF is exceptionally equipped, and this is not a contradiction. We can achieve the goals of the war for the sake of all those who live in Israel, and also achieve the rescue of the hostages, by means which the IDF has and with the help from Heaven provided to the IDF, which has absolute justice and endless good. This is a war of light against the sons of darkness, and the light will be victorious."

Regarding the feeling of unity between the families, Ditza Or said that her children did signifcant service in various units of the IDF, and at the end of their service felt that their connection to their comrades was that of brothers.

"We, the parents of the kidnapped, have gone through this same process this week," she said. "We are connected and brothers, as if we were born to the same mother, and we will remain together."

According to Ditza, holding negotiations with terror organizations equals surrendering to them: "We need to beat terror. Not to speak with it, not to compromise with it, and not to give it a break from one round to the next so that they can rearm."

"We demand, and we know that the IDF is able to carry out our demand, that the hostages be rescued alive and well and respectably - not in exchange for any price. We paid enough of a price with 1,300 dead. We are not willing to pay another price. Releasing hostages in exchage for our children will bring more bereavement, more blood, and more broken families."

"I love my son more than anything else in the world, but I am not willing for other children to pay with their lives in exchange for him," she stressed, adding that her son is "an amazing kid, he's 30, a meter ninety-seven, very strong, an amazing sportsman, an electronics engineer, a kid with a heart of gold, and even though he's so big and strong he's always sensitive and helps even before he is asked, he's a friend like no one else, with a great sense of humor, he's a great guy."

She added that her son's kidnapping was filmed and documented as he was dragged by foot, so as not to leave Noa, the young woman who was with him, alone as she was taken on a motorcycle.

"The embrace which we are receiving from the nation of Israel really strengthens us. We feel it all the time, whether in our closer circles or whether in the wider circles over the entire globe. We have a goal to make life here better and brighter, and we are at war against an evil which no one ever imagined, and we will not give up until the light wins," she concluded.

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