Damage from a rocket in Sderot
Damage from a rocket in SderotYonatan Sindel/Flash90

At least one terrorist escaped after barricading himself inside the Sderot police station for many hours, during which bursts of gunfire were heard in the area.

The commander of the southern district ordered to end the event at any cost even if the entire station had to be destroyed. A short time ago, a bulldozer began to destroy the station where terrorists are entrenched.

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi commented on the events and said: "We are here with the soldiers. They are checking the city of Sderot, entering buildings, going up the stairs, so I say: they are doing their job."

Davidi called on residents not to leave their homes and not to open doors even if someone knocks. "Let no one think that the event is over. Everyone stay inside their houses. Doors must be locked, windows must be locked, if it is possible to enter the bomb shelter and lock it, do that as well. Do not open the door - this is our directive, together with the army."

"I spoke with the wounded, we also instructed them what to do while we could not evacuate them. We are constantly preparing and receiving reports from the residents and the army."