scene of the incident
scene of the incidentno credit

Police today (Sunday) released the driver of the vehicle that ran over anti-judicial reform protestors on the Ayalon Highway last night.

A 25-year-old woman was lightly injured in the incident and taken to Ichilov Medical Center for treatment.

Based on the initial investigation, the driver is not suspected of having intentionally rammed into the protestors. The vehicle was occupied by a father and son. The son, a new driver, experienced anxiousness when he encountered the protestors blocking the highway and asked his father to switch with him. While the pair were changing seats, the father accidentally pressed the gas pedal, causing the vehicle to move forward into the crowd of protestors.

Following the incident, MK Yasmin Sachs Fridman (Yesh Atid) wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “When a minister instructs her driver to run over [security guards], it’s no wonder her voters do it too. A great personal example.”

Labor party chairwoman Merav Michaeli added: “The wretched driver who carried out the attack against the protesters on the Ayalon Highway did not act in a vacuum. Behind him are inciting politicians from the coalition who shed the blood of the protesters. They are as responsible for the stampede as the driver.”