The protest in Tel Aviv
The protest in Tel AvivChaim Goldberg/Flash 90

Dozens of protesters, including relatives of hostages being held in Gaza, on Tuesday evening blocked traffic on the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv, as they called on the government to work for the release of the hostages.

Several protesters entered cages that were placed on the road and shouted: "Time's up, go back to Qatar", in the wake of the return of the Israeli negotiation delegation from Doha.

The police contained the protest that began near the Kirya base, but after a number of protesters reached the highway and blocked traffic, the police worked to evacuate them.

During the evacuation of the highway, four protesters who disturbed the order were arrested.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid said in response, "The State of Israel, with all its bodies and official organizations, should demonstrate much more compassion and sensitivity towards the families of the hostages. They and their families have been abandoned and their fight is the most just ever. The minimum is to let them sounds their cry."

The Israel Police stated, "We view the disruptions of order, which cause the police to divert forces that are engaged in security tasks and maintaining public safety, as very serious. We will act with zero tolerance towards anyone who disturbs order and does not obey the instructions of the police."

The statement added, "The Israel Police view the right to protest as a cornerstone in a democratic state and allows protests as long as they are conducted within the framework of the law. However, the police will not allow order disturbances of any kind or harm to the freedom of movement and any behavior that may endanger the well-being of the public."