Protesters block Ayalon Highway
Protesters block Ayalon HighwayAvshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

Seven protesters were detained for questioning on Thursday evening, during a demonstration organized by families of hostages being held in Gaza, who blocked the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv.

Among those detained are also family members of hostages.

All seven were released shortly before midnight.

The Israel Police stated that "a short time ago, a handful of rioters descended on Ayalon Highway, lit bonfires on the road and blocked traffic for several minutes. A police force that immediately arrived at the scene cleared them from the road and restored the movement of vehicles to normal. During the evacuation, seven rioters were detained for questioning."

The families claimed that the demonstration was a necessity. "The hostages’ time is up. If the government that abandoned them is not able to promote a deal immediately, let it be replaced by someone who is."

The protest was organized by a broad group of families of hostages that intends to intensify the measures and is calling on the public to take to the streets and protest against the way in which the issue of the hostages is handled.