Yitzchak Wasserlauf
Yitzchak WasserlaufIsrael National News

Yitzhak Wasserlauf, who is placed second on Otzma Yehudit's party list and appears to be in line to become a minister in the next government, said on Thursday that, "Any terrorist who throws a stone must be shot."

"Nowadays, when a soldier goes out to battle, he needs to first plan which lawyer he''ll take and what the military prosecutor will accuse him of the next day while he's sitting comfortably in his suit and black robe in an air-conditioned room," Wasserlauf said in an interview with Razi Barkai on Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio).

"A soldier in battle needs to be focused on how to fight and win. Stones can kill and a terrorist who throws stones should be shot."

According to Wasserlauf, "In the past year and a half, we've seen a spike in terror of more than 400%. That's the result of the fact that [Defense Minister] Benny Gantz [National Unity] hosted the Holocaust denier and terrorism funder Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas] in his home, spitting in IDF soldiers' faces."

When asked whether his party and Religious Zionism will conduct coalition negotiations separately or together, Wasselauf replied, "We are a technical bloc, two separate parties. We are working together as we have done in previous years, and we will continue to work together. Itamar [Ben-Gvir] is conducting the coalition negotiations and I trust him to do so in the best possible way."