Bride and groom (illustrative)
Bride and groom (illustrative) iStock

Itai Haim Hamani, the haredi groom who was seriously injured in February after falling off a table at his wedding has regained full functioning.

According to Kikar Hashabbat, over the past weekend Hamani stood up and walked down the halls of the hospital, fully conscious.

According to reports at the time, friends and relatives celebrating the wedding apparently lifted Hamani onto the table, then lifted the table up – with the groom on top. At one point, however, Hamani slipped and fell from the table, seriously injuring his head.

Hamani was hospitalized in serious condition at Tel Hashomer Medical Center, and regained consciousness recently, communicating with his family and the doctors.

Hamani, 34, had regained consciousness for the first time in late March.