Snowman (illustrative)
Snowman (illustrative) iStock

Tuesday will be clear or partly cloudy. Temperatures will rise but remain lower than seasonal average.

On Tuesday night, there will be intermittent rain in northern Israel and along the coast, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms. In the northern Golan Heights and on Mount Hermon there will be snow. Towards morning, the rain is expected to increase.

Wednesday will see intermittent rainfall and thunderstorms in northern Israel and along the coast. On Mount Hermon, in the northern Golan Heights, and on the higher peaks of the Galilee mountains, there will be snow. Beginning in the afternoon, the rain will spread towards the northern Negev, and there will be local rainfall in southern Israel. Strong winds will blow.

According to the Israel Meteorological Service, on Wednesday afternoon snow will begin fall in the northern and central mountains, including in Jerusalem. There is a chance of flooding in coastal cities and in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea streams. Temperatures will drop significantly, becoming lower than seasonal average.

According to the Yerushamayim website, which predicted the heavy snowfall in 2013, "Beginning in the late afternoon and into the night, there will be snowfall which will accumulate to 5-12 centimeters (1.97-4.72 inches) from an altitude of 700 meters overnight. This is not final."

Thursday morning, it said, "will be a white morning which will allow snowman-building. Later, rain and hail will melt what fell."

One forecaster, who goes by the nickname "Juk," predicted between 10-25 centimeters (3.9-9.8 inches) of snow in Jerusalem.

On Thursday, from northern Israel to the northern Negev there will be intermittent rainfall, with light snowfall on Mount Hermon and in the northern Golan Heights. During the morning hours, there will still be light snow on the higher peaks of the Galilee and central mountains. There is a slight chance of flooding in the Judean Desert and Dead Sea, and temperatures will remain lower than seasonal average.

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