Scene of the Ashdod incident
Scene of the Ashdod incident Baruch Hershkowitz, MDA operational footage

A man reportedly broke into a residential apartment in the southern city of Ashdod on Friday morning, severely injuring the apartment's owner before escaping the scene.

During the incident, the attacker reportedly stabbed the 39-year-old victim, causing severe injuries, before fleeing the scene with money stolen from her.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics arriving at the scene administered first aid and transferred the woman to the city's Assuta Hospital.

MDA paramedic Matan Cohen said, "We arrived at the scene, joined up with the police forces, and entered the apartment. The woman was lying on the floor, conscious and suffering from a penetration wound to her body."

"We quickly provided her with advanced medical treatment at the scene, including bandaging her and providing medication, and we evacuated her to the hospital in serious condition."

Israel Police opened an investigation into the matter.

Later on Friday, it was reported that the woman who claimed she was stabbed and robbed in her Ashdod home had admitted to faking the entire incident.

Israel Police are now examining whether to press criminal charges against her.

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