Special forces search near Gilboa Prison
Special forces search near Gilboa PrisonBidlatayim Sgurot

New details emerged on Monday evening about the escape of six terrorists from Gilboa Prison in northern Israel.

One of those details is that Zakaria Zubeidi, the former Jenin chief of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades terrorist organization, was transferred only on Sunday to the cell from which he fled.

Zubeidi’s move to a new cell is very unusual, noted Channel 12 News. The Israel Prisons Service (IPS) has a procedure to separate prisoners according to the organizations to which they belong and while Zubeidi belongs to the Fatah organization, the five other prisoners who stayed in the cell and fled with him belong to Islamic Jihad.

Surprisingly, Zubeidi’s request to move cells was approved without questions.

Another detail that emerged on Monday evening is that that the guard who was stationed in the tower above the tunnel shaft from which the terrorists escaped, fell asleep during her shift.

Israel Police Operations Brigade Brigadier General Shimon Nachmani said earlier on Monday that the six terrorists are estimated to have "had aid from the outside, as well as vehicles which aided them."

He also said that many forces are deployed throughout Israel in an effort to locate the terrorists.

The Israel Police has set up over 200 road blocks throughout Israel in order to aid the efforts in locating or uncovering information about the escapees.

Nachmani added that dozens more road blocks may be set up if the situation warrants it, and that information is being analyzed in an attempt to locate those who aided the group.

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