Islamic Jihad, Gaza
Islamic Jihad, Gaza Flash 90

250 security prisoners from the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization are planning to launch a hunger strike in protest against new prison rules instituted following the escape of six prisoners from the Gilboa Prison last month, the Palestinian Prisoners Club announced.

The Israel Prisons Service has acted to prevent another escape by breaking up groups of Islamic Jihad terrorists in prisons. In addition, a number of Islamic Jihad prisoners were moved to solitary confinement and family visits have been postponed.

The prisoners are demanding a return to the conditions that prevailed prior to the September 6 escape.

The six prisoners were all recaptured within two weeks of their escape.

The Israel Prison Service has come under criticism for its lax treatment of terrorists in prison, who receive many benefits.

Gregg Roman, Director of the Middle East Forum, the organization behind the Israel Victory Project, said: “Rather than transforming a terrorist into a defeated supplicant, Israeli prisons permit extraordinary comforts and benefits to its prisoners, and even allow some to carry on their involvement in terror from behind bars, and the continued hope of escape or exchange. Palestinian society views its prisoners in Israeli jails as soldiers on the frontlines of the violent rejectionism that has characterized the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for more than a century.”

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