Zakaria Zubeidi
Zakaria ZubeidiDavid Cohen/Flash90

Simultaneously with the hearing of the reading of the indictment today (Sunday) against the terrorists who escaped from Gilboa prison, Zakaria Zubeidi also petitioned the court against the conditions of his detention. In his petition, Zbeidi demanded to leave isolation, get a duvet and pillows, glasses, canteen services and enjoy visits from his family.

The reason for the petition, according to Zubeidi, is that his behavior at the time of his arrest was impeccable. It was further alleged that Zubeidi did not initiate the escape from Gilboa Prison but only joined the other terrorists. According to him, the punishment against him stems from the frustration of the guards who failed to discover the escape.

Kann News reported that at the beginning of the hearing today a confrontation developed between Zubeidi and another terrorist who was brought to court, Yaakov Kardi, and the guards of the Nachshon unit, after the guards were instructed to hide the terrorists from the cameras of all the media.

About two weeks ago, Kann 11 posted footage from the security camera in the prison wall, which managed to document the six prisoners coming out of the tunnel and fleeing to freedom, but - the guards, as I recall, dozed off. Just an hour and a half after the escape, IPS personnel were recorded scanning the scene with a flashlight.