Shocking allegations on female soldiers in security prisons
Shocking allegations on female soldiers in security prisonsiStock

Police are expected to summon Gilboa Prison Warden Freddy Ben-Shitrit as part of the investigation into the condition of female guards in the prisons, Channel 13 News reported.

Earlier today, the government commission of inquiry into the Gilboa Prison Break announced that the shocking allegations would not be included in its investigation.

The allegations date back to 2018 but regained prominence this week when Gilboa Prison commander Ben Shitrit gave testimony regarding the prison break-out that occurred there earlier this year. Ben Shitrit had noted that female soldiers were allowed to be used by security prisoners being held in the Gilboa Prison, “in order to keep them happy.”

In response, Coalition chair MK Idit Silman asked Public Security Minister Omer Barlev to establish a government review committee to examine the Israel Prison Service’s conduct with regard to conditions for female IDF soldiers working in prisons where security prisoners are held.

Minister Barlev also stated that he had approached Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to examine the possibility of re-examining the findings of the investigation and the decision of the State Attorney's Office. "The things described in Ben Shitrit's testimony, which were allegedly carried out in prisons in compulsory service, are upsetting and shocking." Also, in a conversation with Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, the minister was informed that the police are examining the testimony.