Goods at Kerem Shalom crossing (file)
Goods at Kerem Shalom crossing (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Hamas government in Gaza is apparently not interested in receiving the goods that were carried by the 'humanitarian' Turkey-sponsored flotilla Israel intercepted.

The IDF Spokesman said Wednesday that "As of right now, the State of Israel has loaded 20 trucks with various types of aid found onboard the flotilla. Expired medication, clothing, blankets, some medical equipment and toys were among the aid found on the ships."

"Unfortunately, the Hamas terror organization is unwilling to accept the cargo and the trucks filled with humanitarian aid have not been allowed to enter the Gaza Strip. It appears that Hamas is in fact stopping the transfer of the humanitarian aid.

Security sources said that supplies from the flotilla continue to be taken off the seven ships that participated in it, and that truckloads of medical supplies, toys and clothing have already reached the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza. However, Hamas and Gaza based aid agencies are not responding, so far, to Israeli calls to come and get the goods.

If Hamas refuses to take the supplies, Israel's spokesmen will be able to point to this as further proof that the naval convoy was meant for propaganda and provocation purposes only, and was not truly carrying vital aid at all. Minister of Information Yuli Edelstein pointed out on a Fox News interview Wednesday that the total tonnage carried by the flotilla (about ten tons) is much less than the amount of aid Israel transfers into Gaza every week (about eighteen tons).    

Ever since it took over Gaza in 2007, the Hamas government has been notorious for its shameless manipulation and lying, in a ceaseless effort to portray Gaza as a humanitarian disaster zone and to blame Israel – which is viewed as an 'advanced' economy – for this situation.

One of the more notorious Hamas bluffs was the holding of government sessions by candlelight when Israel was being blamed for electricity shortages in Gaza. The local media representatives, who are terrorized by Hamas or sympathize with it, cooperated with the bluff, but sharp-eyed bloggers noticed that there was sunlight coming in through the curtains that covered the windows when the 'candlelight' picture was taken.