Gilboa Prison break:
Other prisoners may have known of escape plans - and kept silent

Police investigation reveals: One Gilboa Prison warden attempted to coordinate stories with security prisoners, cover up information.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gilboa Prison
Gilboa Prison

New details have come out on the escape of six terrorists from the Gilboa Prison last Monday, Maariv reported.

According to Maariv, following testimony by the Gilboa Prison Commander, it has been discovered that Shabak (Israel Security Agency) interrogated a number of security prisoners who are suspected of having known about the six terrorists' escape plans and not informing the prison staff of the plans. The security prisoners have been interrogated by Shabak on suspicion of cooperation while maintaining silence.

It was also discovered that despite the fact that additional prisoners had been involved and aware of the escape plan, the Israel Prisons Service intelligence did not examine this information, and it was not known.

Parallel to the Shabak (Israel Security Agency) investigation, examination by Israel Police revealed a suspicion that one warden had attempted to coordinate stories with the prisoners following the escape. The warden is also suspected of attempting to upset evidence.

Previously, it was reported that there were at least three times in the past six months that a sewage pump had been called to the prison and found blockages in the sanitation system. This, it is suspected, was due to the fact that some of the sand removed during the digging had been poured from the cell into the tunnel, Maariv added.

In addition, the sewage pump company reported that it was washing out large amounts of sand, but this information did not alert the warder who received the details. After the escape and failures were exposed, the warder attempted to coordinate his story with those of the security prisoners, in an attempt to hide the information. This warder will likely be interrogated in the coming days, on suspicion of negligence and disrupting the process of investigation following the prisoners' escape.