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Egypt Blocks Pro-Hamas Group's Convoy to Gaza

George Galloway's Viva Palestina suffers setback after Egyptian authorities refuse to allow its aid convoy to enter Gaza.

Egypt Blocks Pro-Hamas Group's Aid Convoy to Gaza

Pro-Hamas Convoy Stuck in Syria

Members of the pro-Hamas 'Viva Palestina' who planned to sail to Egypt remain trapped in Syria over a dispute with contractors.

Pro-Hamas Convoy Stuck in Syria

Egypt Allows Convoy to Gaza

Egypt has given permission for a pro-Hamas Viva Palestina convoy to sail by Gaza en-route to Sinai, where it will continue by land to Gaza.

Egypt Lets Viva Palestina Convoy Set Sail from Syria

U.S. Tax Breaks for Terror

The United States offers a tax deduction for donations to Viva Palestina, which funds the anti-Israel, anti-American terrorist group Hamas.

U.S. Offers Tax Breaks for Terror Funding

Syria Hosts Gaza Convoy Leader

Syria hosts pro-Hamas activist and former British MP George Galloway, who is pleading with Egypt to allow his Viva Palestina group to enter Gaza.

Syria Helps New Convoy to Gaza via Egypt

‘Break Embargo’ Effort via Syria

Former British MP George Galloway announces a new land-sea attempt to break the embargo on Gaza. He spoke alongside Hizbullah flags in London.

George Galloway: ‘Break the Embargo’ Via Syria and Jordan

Pro-PA British MP Appeals Ban

British pro-PA MP George Galloway remains banned from Canada after his lawyer suffered a mishap with his foot. Court hearing resumes on Wedn

Foiled Again: Pro-PA British MP Still Banned from Canada

'Viva Palestina' Heads for Syria

A British legislator has led his convoy of aid for Gaza out of Aqaba and is now heading for Syria after learning the Egyptians cannot be pressured.

'Viva Palestina' Blocked at Red Sea, Will Try for Gaza Via Syria

'Viva Palestina' - No Shortcuts

Egypt blocked a leftist British convoy headed for Gaza from taking a shortcut through Sinai. The 'Viva Palestina' leftists are stuck at Aqaba.

'Viva Palestina' Blocked from Gaza Shortcut