Yossi Oren
Yossi OrenBehadrei Haredim

Chasia, the daughter of Yossi Oren, learned of her father's death on Tuesday from a group in the WhatsApp messaging app.

Oren, 73, was killed this morning after he fell into a manhole in Modi'in Illit while working as a plumber.

A photo of Yossi and details of his death were sent to a messaging group for haredi residents of Haifa. Chasia responded: "I'm Yossi Oren's daughter and it's sad that I'm supposed to learn (about his death) from irresponsible reporting."

She explained why she chose to write about it: "I am writing so incidents like this won't repeat themselves.

Oren, who as mentioned fell into a sewage manhole and died due to the polluted water and poisonous substances in it, was laid to rest earlier in the day. A 26-year-old man who came to rescue Oren was seriously injured.

Yossi's family eulogized him: "He made his work temporary and his Torah study permanent, he loved the Torah and those who study it, he worked as a plumber in the city for decades and dealt with people faithfully as an honest and G-d fearing man."

He left behind a wife and 11 children.