Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was unfazed on Saturday night by her loss in the GOP primary in her home state, making clear that she intends on staying in the race.

Multiple US television networks and news agencies projected that former President Donald Trump would defeat Haley, bringing him even closer to the GOP presidential nomination.

"I'm a woman of my word," Haley said in Charleston, South Carolina, referring to her earlier pledge to stay in the race until Super Tuesday, as quoted by CNN. "I'm not giving up this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden."

She said she does not believe Trump can beat Biden in a rematch presidential election, asserting that "Trump drives people away."

Haley also acknowledged she lost by a wide margin, but highlighted “40% is not some tiny group.” She made the case that while she has lost four states to the former president, there are many more that still haven’t voted.

"In the next 10 days, another 21 states and territories will speak. They have the right to a real choice, not a Soviet-style election with only one candidate," Haley stated. "And I have a duty to give them that choice."

Trump’s victory in South Carolina means he has now swept every contest that counted for Republican delegates, with wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and the US Virgin Islands.

Haley congratulated Trump after his victory in New Hampshire but at the time clarified she has no intention of stepping down and cited the primaries in her home state.

Last month, Haley vowed to stay in the Republican presidential primary race at least through Super Tuesday.

Trump spoke after his South Carolina victory on Saturday night and did not mention Haley. He later told Fox News Digital in an interview that he is “really not thinking” about Haley and is focused on beating President Biden in the general election in November.

"I was honored that I received the largest vote in the history of the state — I’m with Senator Lindsey Graham right now and he just told me received the largest vote by double — we beat the last record," Trump told Fox News Digital. "So that’s a great compliment to all of the people and to making America great again."

When asked whether he wanted Haley to drop out of the race, Trump replied that he’s "really not thinking about that… I'm not thinking about it."

"I’m really thinking about we have to beat Joe Biden," he said, adding, "I don’t know if she’s in the race at all, because, you know, I have set records in every single state. I’m not sure that she’s really in the race."