During the Black Conservative Federation's annual gala in South Carolina, at which he received the "Champion of Black America" award, former US President Donald Trump declared US President Joe Biden "a very nasty and vicious racist," and claimed that Biden discriminates between Black and white people.

"Joe Biden really has proven to be a very nasty and vicious racist. He's been a racist," Trump said. "Whether you like it or don't like it. I happen not to like it. Biden spent years palling around with notorious segregationist you know that."

"I got indicted a second time and a third time and a fourth time, and a lot of people said that that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against. I’m being indicted for you, the American people. I’m being indicted for you, the Black population. I am being indicted for a lot of different groups by sick people, these are sick sick people."

"Some of the greatest evils in our nation's history have come from corrupt systems that try to target and subjugate others to deny them their freedom and to deny them their rights," Trump continued. "I think that's why the Black people are so much on my side now because they see what's happening to me happens to them."

Trump is believed to have been referencing President Biden’s terms in office alongside former South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond, who held his position in the Senate for 48 years and championed segregationist policies. Last week, President Biden stated that he believed the current Republican party to be worse.

"I’ve served with Strom Thurmond. I’ve served with all these guys that have set terrible records on race. But guess what? These guys are worse. These guys do not believe in basic democratic principles,” President Biden told supporters.