Defense Minister Gallant
Defense Minister GallantElad Malcah

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made a statement to the media this evening (Monday) on the continuation of the war against Hamas and the efforts to return the 136 hostages still held by Hamas more than 100 days after the October 7 massacre.

"The enemy we face understands only force - without the military pressure no one will talk to us, only from a position of force can the hostages be released," said Gallant.

"Yesterday we marked one hundred days of war, we went from defense to attack from our territory to the enemy's territory in Gaza, we managed to return 110 hostages. Only military pressure will bring about the success of the goals of the war, including the return of the hostages," he added.

According to Gallant, "If the fire stops, the fate of the hostages will be sealed as many years in the captivity of Hamas."

Later, he implicitly addressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that "lack of political decision may harm the success of the military action."

Gallant addressed Gantz and Netanyahu, "It is time for unity and compromise in order to achieve our goals. The emergency government is a condition for victory in the war. Without it, the only beneficiary will be Hamas."

On the day after the war, he said that "Palestinians live in Gaza and therefore Palestinians will rule it."