Ayman Nofal
Ayman NofalIDF Spokesperson

The Hamas terrorist organization announced today (Tuesday) that Ayman Nofal, a member of the organization's General Military Council and the head of the military wing's Central Gaza Brigade was killed in an airstrike on the Bureij refugee camp.

This is the most significant death of a Hamas leader since the beginning of the war. Nofal was connected to all of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip and was responsible for coordination between the various organizations.

His elimination will make it difficult for the organization to carry out and coordinate military moves between the five Hamas divisions, but it is likely that a replacement will soon be appointed.

The IDF later confirmed the assassination of Nofal, and noted that he was involved in “numerous terror attacks against Israel and security forces,” including the kidnapping of Gilad Schalit in 2006.

Earlier, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited the Nevatim Air Force Base. Gallant said at the end of the visit: "I met the pilots, the navigators, the operators, the aircrews, and the ground crews. We have something to be proud of, the enlistment rate is far greater than 100 percent and the corps carries out its missions very successfully."

"Our planes reach each and every point, this aircraft has many missions - but each missile has an address. We will reach each and every Hamas member," he said.

"Hamas members have two options: either die where they are or surrender unconditionally, there is no third option. We will wipe out the Hamas organization and strip it of all its capabilities," Gallant concluded.