Minister Gallant in southern Israel
Minister Gallant in southern IsraelHar Yorman

After touring the Yiftach camp in Zikim, Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant addressed the press near the Israel-Gaza border. "I saw, I inquired, I learned about the events that occurred here in recent day, and especially on Saturday, October 7th," Gallant stated.

"What I saw was bravery by soldiers and civilians, all of these people protected the State of Israel with their bodies and obtained life for the civilians who live a bit further away, in other cities and communities.

Later, he stated: "There is a war here, which is a war of the children of darkness against the children of light. We are facing a culture that does not accept our existence here, wild men, vicious animals, who murdered our soldiers, our children, and our citizens. The soldiers here, together with their friends, together with the Air Force, with the intelligence personnel, and the Navy, will eliminate the Hamas organization."

"This will be a massive war, this will be a deadly war, this will be a precise war, and this will be a war that will change the situation for good," the Minister announced, and added: "All of us, in our hearts, are with the bereaved families and those who are looking for their loved ones."

In conclusion, Gallant expressed thanks for the US aid to Israel: "This morning, I met with five senior senators, led by two of the leading ones - Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney - some of the US's leading senators. They came to tell us: 'The President, the Pentagon, the Defense Secretary, and we, the entire Senate and House of Representatives, are letting go of all the stops there may be, you will receive all of the ammunition that you need, all of the equipment that you need, you are fighting the war of Israel, the war of the Jewish people, but also the war of the global, western, and free culture, and you are also fighting the war in the name of the normal, liberal, forces in the world.'"