An Israeli citizen was attacked by an Arab mob on Sunday after, for reasons still unclear, he entered the village of Turmus Ayya in the Binyamin region. According to the IDF Spokesperson, a crowd gathered around him and set his car on fire.

Several Palestinian Arab residents of the village assisted the Jewish victim and escorted him out of the village without harm, where he met security forces. According to the Binyamin Regional Council, the victim is fine.

Binyamin Regional Council Head Israel Ganz is in contact with security officials who are investigating the incident.

The IDF stated: "The Israeli civilian who entered the town of Turmus Ayya a short while ago was rescued out of the town by IDF soldiers. While he was in the town, a number of suspects gathered around him, hurled rocks at him, and burned his vehicle. The soldiers entered the town and escorted him out. During the exit of the forces and the civilian from the town, a violent riot was instigated, during which a number of suspects hurled burning objects and rocks at them. No injuries were reported."

On Saturday, an Israeli father and his son, Shai Silas Nigreker and Aviad Nir, were murdered by a terrorist while they were visiting the Arab town of Huwara in Samaria.

According to initial investigations, the terrorist entered a car wash, where the pair's vehicle was parked after the two ran errands in the town earlier in the day. The terrorist identified the pair as Israelis after they spoke in Hebrew and fired five bullets at them from point-blank range. He then escaped on foot. Later, his weapon was discovered.