Three Jewish settlers were arrested by the IDF this week in connection with the riots in Arab cities and villages in Judea and Samaria this week in response to the murder of four civilians at a gas station and restaurant near Eli in a shooting attack.

The suspects were given over to the Shin Bet for questioning and an extraordinary order was issued against them preventing them from meeting with an attorney.

Attorneys Nati Rom and Adi Kidar from the Honenu organization represent the settlers and intend to file an urgent appeal against the prevention of their meeting with attorneys.

"Until this moment, I have not been able to give legal advice to the suspects. Despite repeated requests, we have not been given the restraining orders [preventing the meetings], so the restraining order is illegal," Rom said.

"We hope that the security forces in general, and the special forces in particular, will be directed to the fight against our enemies, to the fight against the large quantities of illegal weapons and the many attacks that have been carried out recently, and then maybe order will be restored to us," he added.