Residents of Maharashtra, India, are furious about the new "road" that was paved for them after they discovered that it was nothing more than a carpet covered with a layer of asphalt.

Although at first glance, the new road looks like a new and stable road, videos uploaded to social networks show that it is a scam. The residents were photographed when they manage to lift the new "road" and reveal a white cloth carpet underneath.

The videos quickly went viral on social media and local media, sparking outrage. A large number of users claimed that it was government corruption and that contractors were offering low prices in exchange for fake work. One of the commenters on the networks even said that it is possible that this is a new invention of "mobile roads" that can later be easily moved to new places as well.

According to the report in Pune Mirror, the new road is part of a network of roads built by a special project of the Indian government that began over 20 years ago. Some of the users said that the poor quality of the road might also be due to other roads in the government project and the corruption involved in it.