US Iran relations
US Iran relationsiStock

A member of the Iranian parliament's National Security Committee says the US suggested holding talks with Tehran without the presence of other JCPOA partners, Iran International, an Iranian news site critical of the regime, reported.

According to the report, Islamic Republic lawmaker Shahryar Haidari stated: "Iran's condition for taking part in direct negotiations with the United States is that Washington should apologize to Tehran for its mistakes during the past 44 years." He added, "Iran might restore its ties with Washington if America offers the apology."

Haidari did not name his source but said face-to-face negotiations are the new US approach. He added that Washington wants to get more concessions from Tehran during direct negotiations.

However, Haidari added that Iran cannot trust the United States, although the US has called for direct negotiations for two years. He further emphasized that there is no need to discuss the 2015 nuclear deal any further as Iran has already answered all the questions the Western side has asked.

Haidari accused the United States and the "Zionist lobby" in America of obstructing a deal. However, he added that the renewed US calls for direct talks are one of the outcomes of Iran's rapprochement with Saudi Arabia.