Coalition party heads meeting
Coalition party heads meetingLikud Spokesperson

The leaders of the coalition factions held their weekly meeting Sunday afternoon in Prime Minister Netanyahu's office.

The Likud stated that the leaders discussed current affairs and showed support for Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri, who was dismissed from his duties in the government earlier today due to the Supreme Court's ruling.

The party also announced: "All party heads were present at the meeting, and it took place in a pleasant and warm atmosphere."

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired Shas chairman Aryeh Deri as Interior and Health Minister, four days after Deri was disqualified from serving as a minister by the Supreme Court.

At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu read the dismissal letter: "As you know, I decided to appoint you as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Health with the approval of the majority of Knesset members due to the fact that I see you as an anchor of experience, wisdom and responsibility that are important to the State of Israel at all times, and especially at this time."

"Yes, I thought it was important for you to serve the State of Israel as a member of the security-political cabinet in my government, where you could influence your many years of experience as a cabinet member in the governments of the late Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin - you rich experience that contributes to the security and resilience of the State of Israel.

"Unfortunately, despite the above, on 18.1.23, the Supreme Court decided ... that I have an obligation to remove you from your position as Minister of the Interior and Health. This unfortunate decision ignores the will of the people, as reflected in the great trust that the public gave to the representatives of the people and their elected officials in my government, when it was clear to everyone that you would serve in the government as a senior minister.

Netanyahu emphasized that "I intend to look for any legal way in which you can continue to contribute to the State of Israel with your many experiences and skills, in accordance with the will of the people. However, following the provisions of the said judgment, I must inform you that according to Article 22 (b) of the Basic Law: The Government, I am forced with a heavy heart and with great sorrow to remove you from your position as a minister in the government.''

Deri's dismissal will take effect within 48 hours. In the meantime, Netanyahu will have to find replacements to fill Deri's positions in the Finance and Interior Ministries.