Religious Zionist Party MK Atty. Simcha Rothman explains that Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s UN statement supporting a two-state solution is the natural outcome of having someone with left wing positions as prime minister.

“Once you make Lapid prime minister, once you give the control of the state of Israel to the left, you get left-wing positions, it’s as simple as that,” Rothman tells Israel National News.

“Bennett and Sa’ar and Shaked and Elkin who said, ‘Oh, we're gonna have 10 degrees to the right.’ It’s not 10 degrees to the right. It’s a hundred percent left-wing government. But you know what, you want to have a Palestinian state, go have a Palestinian State. But let's have a Jewish State first. Prime Minister Lapid, did you do anything to have a Jewish state in the Negev, in the Galilee, in the mixed cities? Do they know they live in the State of Israel? Do they see the police? Do they see all the thefts, all the [internal] terror, the the violence within Arab society, the murders. Do we have a Jewish State before you go to the UN and try to build a Palestinian state? The current government did all that they can so we won’t have it.”

“They put the terror supporting party of Ra’am inside the government, we saw Yair Golan of Meretz – he went to the Bedouin in the Negev and he told them to go riot. They stopped the tree planting. The State of Israel basically does not exist once you go out of Tel Aviv,” he adds.

He continues: “I'm not even talking about what’s happening in the Jewish aspects of education and all this stuff. If we want a Jewish state, Lapid is not the answer, and the fact that he's running to the UN, that he is running away from the problems in Israel and trying to talk about a Palestinian State because he cannot have a Jewish State.”

While alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke out against Lapid and criticized him, Rothman placed blame on Bennett for not blocking many actions which he is entitled to do as alternative prime minister.

“He's talking for the protocol. They're saying, ‘Okay, I want this, I want that’ but the the powers that he does have, he does not use. If you want to have your policy implemented, you don't do it in tweets, you don't do it on social media, you do the leg work, and he doesn’t do anything he says, no one knows where he is,” Rothman says.

“It doesn't really matter. You need to have a right-wing government. You cannot have a left-wing government and fight terror, you cannot have a left-wing government and oppose the Palestinian State, you cannot have all the good things we need to do in the State of Israel if you are building a left-wing government and that's what the so-called quote unquote right-wing people did when they built this government.”

Rothman blames politicians of the right who helped form the government for giving voters a “right-wing policy gift wrapped by the left.”

When asked about Shaked’s return to the right wing bloc and her asking for forgiveness from voters, Rothman comments that if Shaked truly wants a right wing government, she should quit the race because he does not believe she has a chance to pass the threshold to get into the Knesset.

“There is no poll that gives her the ability to pass the threshold. She will waste right-wing votes,” he says. “If she cares about the State of Israel and she cares about right-wing government, she should quit the race and tell our voters go vote for a right-wing party. There are four of them. She can choose. But she doesn't do it, and I have to say I don't believe when she says ‘I'm sorry’ on the one hand and on the other she is immediately trying to prevent the State of Israel from having a right-wing government after the elections by running and throwing away votes when she won't pass the threshold.”