Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport
Terminal at Ben Gurion AirportPhoto: Flash 90

The new and modern Terminal 3A will be inaugurated at Ben Gurion Airport next year. It will expand the familiar Terminal 3 as part of the advances made toward improving passenger services for those departing from the State of Israel.

The terminal will have a functional, innovative design and will be built on the west side of Terminal 3, with the addition of 22 check-in counters, a security check system, and conveyors connected to the HBS systems (hold baggage screening).

The terminal will be built on an area of ​​3,900 square meters, with a width of 30 meters and a length of 130 meters, like the existing terminals in Amsterdam, Budapest, and Germany.

The Director General of the Airports Authority, Hagai Topolansky, explained that "in the western part of Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Airport, another advanced terminal will be built that will combine innovation and efficiency and expand the services available for passengers going abroad. Starting next year, Terminal 3 will go through a digitization process that will make it possible for passengers to manage their departures abroad easily and independently.”

"Our main goal is to improve the services provided to passengers through a strategy based on investments, innovation, and long-term vision that digitalize and improve the airport and, thus, improve services at Ben Gurion Airport and the flight experience for passengers," added Topolansky.

At the same time and with the approval of the Authority's board and management, the engineering division began to plan the construction of the fifth wing for aircraft parking in the airport, adding areas for checking passenger baggage, connecting baggage conveyors, establishing additional food complexes, and establishing additional VIP rooms.

The increase in passenger traffic at the airport continues, with Ben Gurion expected to enter the category of the largest fields in the world in 2024. During the current month of September, two million passengers will pass through the airport. In October, approximately 2 million more passengers are expected to pass through on international flights.