Collecting evidence from the scene
Collecting evidence from the scene Israel Police spokesperson

Israel Police recently submitted a prosecutor's statement ahead of an filing an indictment against four individuals suspected of involvement in a shooting attack on a residential area in Jerusalem's Old City.

The attack took place three weeks ago in the Old City's "Muslim Quarter."

Investigations revealed that the incident was criminal in nature. Three suspects were located relatively quickly, after hiding in the home of two of them near the scene of the shooting. Upon clarifying their identities, it became clear that the two were the brothers of the victim who had been shot.

Later, police arrested an additional individual suspected of involvement in the shooting.

The suspects were taken for questioning. Following this, the police interrogation revealed that the shots were fired as part of a quarrel over an area of land. The suspects then took a pistol, came to the parcel of land under dispute, where their brother was located together with other family members, and fired a number of bullets at him. They then escaped the scene.

The suspects' arrest has been extended over the past weeks, while the police continued to gather evidence and testimonies, as well as conduct a number of investigative activities to solidify the evidence against the suspects.

On Thursday, the Prosecutor's Office is expected to complete the process of filing the indictment.