Khan Levona
Khan LevonaPhoto: with permission

Jewish residents who came to bathe this morning (Wednesday) in the pool of the 'Khan Levona' nature site in the Binyamin region of Samaria near Highway 60 were attacked by Arab rioters from the village of Lubban a-Sharqiya. The attackers tried to drive them away from the place.

One of the Arabs stabbed one of the boys in the hand with a sharp object and threatened the other bathers that he would also stab them if they did not leave the place. Despite the documentation of the attack and the fact that the assailant, one of the leaders of the attacks on the Khan, is known to police, officers who arrived at the scene refused to arrest him or remove him from the site.

In the nearby community of Ma'ale Levona, residents say that "a group of violent Arabs from the nearby village of Lubban a-Sharqiya, has been repeatedly damaging the ancient spring over the past month. They have also been destroying agricultural fields and construction work on the ancient buildings in their attempt to take over the complex."

"All of this happens without any response from law enforcement, even though the identities of the rioters, who repeatedly attack Jews who visit the site, are well known to the security forces. We call on the authorities to come to their senses and immediately remove the rioters and take all the necessary criminal and administrative measures against them," the community member added.