On Thursday, the Israeli Air Force concluded the deployment of units in Romania as part of the “Blue Sky” aerial exercise.

Participating in the exercise were C-130 "Hercules" aircraft from the 131st and 103rd squadrons, and C-130J aircraft from the 103rd Squadron, as well as additional elite units from the IAF who are at the core of operational activities.

The soldiers trained in various scenarios that simulated combat within enemy territory.

Commanding Officer of the 131st Squadron, Lt. Col. G. said, "The IAF concluded a high-quality training drill in Romania as part of the Blue Sky 2022 aerial exercise, in which we participated for the first time in over a decade."

"We met the objectives of the exercise, which centered on safe, professional, and accurate training, while flying over high terrain, in dynamic weather, in operational flight designations and in unfamiliar territory.

"This training drill constitutes a great addition to the IDF's extensive training schedule and contributes to the operational readiness for all relevant arenas."